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Jupiter specializes in Mission Critical applications and specializes in offering customers cost effective and absolute power solutions for High Capacity UPS Systems. Jet power is Authorized Service Partner’s with a global leader in power electronics, Delta Group. Delta is a major source for power management solutions, components, visual, displays, industrial automation, networking products, and renewable energy solutions. Since 2002, Delta continues to be the world’s number one in switching power supply sales, according to Power Electronics Industry News. With its focus on continuous innovation, Delta leads, in a range of products, worldwide and the company has received the Forbes Asia “Fabulous 50” Award for several consecutive years. Delta’s global operations include sales and service offices throughout the world and manufacturing plants in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Mexico, India and Europe.

Delta India, is part of the Delta Group, a leading multinational with global headquarters in Taiwan with 5.34 billion USD revenue for 2008. Delta India is a world-class provider of power management solutions in the areas of telecom power supplies, uninterrupted power supply, industrial automation, components, Renewable Energy, consumer lifestyle power and visual displays.

The group has operated in India since 1992. Delta India is responsible for developing business in the SAARC region and is also recognized as the “Centre for Technical excellence” for South Asia. Delta India has an impressive installation base with regional support centers all over India and the SAARC region. Delta India has been awarded ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications by Underwriters’ Laboratories, USA, for Quality, Procedures, Environment management and OHSAS 18001:1999. Business Critical Power (Delta UPS) is trusted for powering critical equipment, machines, and processes and ensures clean & continuous power for mission critical vital operations, enabling businesses to perform with certainty. Delta UPS offers end-to-end solutions for Unitary Use, SOHO / SME Segment, Mid-size to Large IT and Data Centers, Industrial & Outdoor applications. Delta UPS systems offer - Innovative technology, High energy efficiency, High power density, High uptime and availability, easy capacity enhancement.

Products and Technology

High quality, reliable electrical power is essential for the continuity of your data, your equipment and systems, and your business. Delta’s uninterruptible power supply (UPS) products and technologies are the best way to protect your electrical power and thus the critical applications that keep you in business. Delta provides a complete line of small, medium, and high power UPS products ranging from 600VA to 4000 kVA in both single phase and three phase configurations. These include true on-line double-conversion single phase and three phase UPSs, and line-interactive single phase UPSs. Offering high efficiency, outstanding reliability and superior performance, Delta UPSs are your best choice for power protection.

E Series 1/2/3 kVA

The Amplon E series is a true on-line, double-conversion UPS housed in a compact tower and recommended for workstations, POSs, ATMs and home appliance.

The Amplon E series is designed for long backup time applications with the addition of a battery source. An inbuilt high level charger shortens the recharging period and increase the availability.

N Series 1/2/3 kVA

The Amplon N series is a true on-line, double-conversion UPS housed in a compact tower. It is designed to eliminate disturbances and supply superior power quality to workstations, POSs, ATMs or home appliances.

The Amplon N series has inbuilt batteries to provide continuous and stable power to critical loads when power events occur. For longer backup time requirements you can add an external battery pack to enhance availability.

IN Series 1/2/3 kVA

The Amplon IN series is a True Online Double-ConversionUPS in tower configuration with in-built Galvanic Isolation Transformer Galvanic isolation is recommended for all critical IT application Galvanic Isolation is also useful for installations at sites with poor power condition with weak neutral. The Amplon IN series with inbuilt galvanic isolation acts as a barrier to all raw mains power quality problems and provides clean uninterrupted supply to the critical load.

Amplon IN series is designed for short as well as long backup time requirements with the addition of external batteries. An in-built high level charger shortens the recharging period & increase the availability.

RT Series, Single Phase, 5/6/10 kVA

The Amplon RT series delivers double-conversion on-line technology, high power density and input power factor, and low current harmonics with its advanced architecture. Designed in a rack or tower configuration with an LCD display, Amplon RT offers advanced performance for servers, data centers, networking, VoIP and telecommunications.

The Amplon RT has 1+1 parallel redundancy function to provide higher reliability. Optional external battery pack can be added to fulfill longer backup time for mission critical applications.

EH Series 10/15/20 kVA

The Ultron EH series is an online double-conversion 3p-1p UPS which provides reliable power protection for IT rooms, SMBs, telecommunications, banking, medical facilities and industry. Supported with DSP based technology, it offers rapid computation capabilities that enhance system stability and provide precise voltage to load. The Ultron EH series offers many superior features including N+X parallel redundancy and a built-in manual bypass switch to guarantee higher availability and reliability for protecting your critical loads.

HPH Series 20/30/40 kW

The Ultron HPH is a true online double-conversion UPS offering the best-in-class combination of maximum available power, unbeatable energy efficiency and superior power performance for small data centers and other mission critical applications requiring highly reliable power protection. With fully rated power (kVA=kW); the Ultron HPH provides maximum available power without de-rating the UPS. Thanks to Delta’s innovative Triple Level Inverter and Three Phase PFC topology, it features low iTHD 3%, up to 96 % AC-AC efficiency and 99% efficiency in ECO mode resulting in significant TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) savings. Facilitating increased availability through watch-dog design, the Ultron HPH is an ideal solution for protecting your mission critical operations.

NT Series 20-4000 kVA

The Ultron NT series is a three phase UPS featuring customized I/P-O/P ratings for various applications. With N+X parallel redundancy or expansion, it guarantees high availability and reliability for your critical loads.

The Ultron NT series offers continued seamless protection for your business even under 100% unbalanced loading conditions. Its economy mode improves efficiency by 4% to 7% and saves operating cost.

DPS Series 60-500 kVA

Delta’s Ultron DPS is a double-conversion and IGBT-rectifier three phase UPS. With the three level IGBT topology for both PFC (power factor correction) and inverter, the Ultron DPS features industry leading performance of up to 96% AC-AC efficiency. Thanks to Delta’s advanced digital PFC control, it also has low iTHD < 3% and high input power factor > 0.99 resulting in significant total cost of ownership (TCO) savings. Aiming to achieve the highest availability possible, Delta has enhanced special designs for battery management, hot-swappable fans and ease of maintenance.

The excellent power performance and high system availability of the Ultron DPS provide customers with the benefits of a stable power supply, high power efficiency, low capital investment and low overall operation cost.

DPH Series 25-75/150/200 kW

The modular UPS ideal for medium-sized datacenters Introducing the next generation of modular uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS systems) designed for ultimate availability, excellent performance and high efficiency ideally suited for medium-sized datacenters.

IT operations are a crucial aspect of most business operations. One of the main concerns of datacenters is operational continuity. The most stringent datacenters require the highest availability possible to sustain mission critical functions, the backbone of business continuity. As data keeps growing and rising energy costs are the norm, datacenters will continue to be power hungry facilities. From a capital investment perspective, maintaining high efficiency and having the flexibility to rightsize a datacenter is a critical concern. The Modulon DPH is a modular UPS ideal for medium-sized datacenters demanding in peak efficiency and availability at a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

NH Plus Series 20-480 kVA

The Modulon NH Plus series is Delta’s new generation UPS featuring high efficiency, hot-swappable modular structure and N+X redundancy. With its industry leading 94% high efficiency, the NH Plus series delivers remarkably low total cost of ownership in terms of both capital expense and operating expense.

With N+X module and system redundancy to guarantee reliability and availability, the Modulon NH Plus series sets a new milestone for UPS protection in mission critical applications.


The availability of a piece of equipment or a system is the time it is on-line and capable of doing productive work. Delta’s UPS products ensure the availability of your equipment and systems with 24/7 full-time protection, using the latest and most reliable technologies, such as double conversion technology, redundancy at module and system levels, automatic input frequency detection, built-in batteries, wide input voltage range, and more.


Delta’s UPSs have the flexibility to offer power protection for a broad range of applications. Features providing superior flexibility include rack and tower configurations, modular designs for easy maintenance and scalability, extended battery cabinets for increased backup time, and multi-language LCD displays.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Delta UPSs are designed with Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in mind. These measures include high input power factor to save on installation costs, stable power supplies that extend battery life, intelligent management to prevent batteries from over-discharging, economy modes, as well as other cost saving features. Delta UPSs provide superior power protection for a wide range of applications in the home and office, at small and medium enterprises, and for industry, including mission critical applications for medical facilities, data centers, telecommunications, and networking.

Why Delta?

  • Delta’s years of experience in Power management and expertise spanning 120 countries
  • Delta holds number one position in designing and manufacturing switching power supplies in the world
  • Wide range of Delta UPS Solutions from 600 VA to 4000 kVA in all types of application
  • Delta’s online double conversion UPS system provides the high quality of power protection
  • Delta’s online double conversion UPS solutions are fully DG set compatible
  • Delta offers Redundant System Configurations with high reliability and availability
  • Delta offers Redundant System Configurations with high reliability and availability
  • Delta UPSentry Network shutdown software provides real-time updates on electrical parameters with SNMP
  • Delta UPS offer Management capability for remote monitoring & control through a web browser or any industry standard network management system
  • Delta offers best in class after sales services to its customers
  • Delta possess Best Quality talent to man the operation
  • Delta is comprehensively equipped to take care of any critical installation & operation

Rtification & Award

Service and support

Delta’s service and support begins long before you decide on which UPS products are right for you. As your partner in the pre-purchase process, we put our knowledge and expertise to work, assisting you in defining the right solutions for your kind of application. Delta’s dedicated support team not only helps you to assess your power protection and power conditioning needs, we are there for you throughout the life cycle of your UPS system, constantly providing expert service and technical support. With Delta as your service partner, you can count on the experience and knowledge of a worldwide service network to ensure you have the power required to operate your business trouble-free. Our UPS training centers regularly qualify and update our technical service teams to provide you with first-class customer service of the highest standards. Our regional spare parts hubs make sure any downtime is minimized and you receive high quality original Delta parts. Delta’s modular UPS service portfolio can be customized to suit each customer’s requirements. We have designed a range of service level agreements to meet your needs and to minimize risk and maintenance costs. Delta provides 24/7/365 availability for essential services such as regular maintenance, battery services and oncall services. Delta tailors our services with preventive maintenance plans and schedules to fit your requirements. Our critical application service portfolio features comprehensive services such as remote monitoring, maintenance alert, and replacement alert services. Delta also offers swap concepts and extended warranties for our single phase units and modular three phase systems to provide you with the best solutions for minimizing your downtime to virtually zero.

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