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Do’s for Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries

  • Always store the battery in cool and covered places. If possible Room temperature shall be around 25 Degree C.
  • Keep the battery away from Heat, Spark, and Fire.
  • Ensure Proper Cable Sizing for Interconnections and UPS to Battery Cable for Zero Heat Losses.
  • Ensure all Interconnections are properly tightened. NO LOOSE CONNECTIONS.
  • Charge batteries once in 3 months, if the batteries are kept in unused or ideal condition.
  • If any battery is found damaged before installation, stop the installation and inform us.
  • If Environment where batteries are getting installed is dusty or dust will get accumulated on battery in due course. Ensure cleaning of batteries with dry cloth.
  • Set the charging parameters as per maintenance manual.
  • Charge the batteries immediately after discharge as per specification.
  • All terminal bolts have to be tightened with spring washers and apply torque. All bolts tightness to be checked once in every 6 months.
  • Record current& voltage once in a month in the prescribed format or register thru Maintenance team available at Site.
  • Always match AH & brand for a given bank .
  • Provide proper isolation between battery and battery rack.

Don'ts for Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries

  • We Never Recommend to keep batteries in direct sunlight, dust or moist places.
  • We Do not Recommend to add any acid or DM water in SMF batteries.
  • We Strictly Suggest not to tamper with Vent plugs.
  • Kindly do not Over tight/Under tight the terminal bolts which may cause terminal breakage or fire due to loose contact.
  • Do not allow any metal object be kept on the battery rack which may cause short circuit.
  • Mismatch of AH& brand for a given bank is NOT advisable. Even Old and New Batteries shall not be assembled together. (VRLA, Flooded/ Tubular batteries)s and different manufactures batteries in the circuit shall not be connected.
  • Donot do cell tapping during the service life of a battery.
  • Don’t allow discharged battery, for more than 12 hours in idle condition.
  • Never deep discharge batteries below specified limits as suggested by Manufacturer.

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